Covid Again? A Response to a Third Wave of Covid-19.

It feels like Covid-19 has been with us for a lot longer than 1 year. For many, the recent third wave of Covid-19, the emerging Delta variant, will mean financial, mental and social difficulty, and for all of us challenge our sense of safety, stability and hope. But just as when it first became apparent last year that life, including church, would change like we'd never experienced before (read our response here) due to Covid-19, we want to keep on loving our neighbours, loving each other, and remaining connected to each other and God, as we adapt to the changing landscape around us.

In response to the third wave of Covid-19 and the emerging Delta variant, our own Nalini Pather has written a series of informative and helpful articles for the Gospel Society & Culture Committee to be released over the next few weeks. The articles tell us what we should know about the journey ahead of us as we live with the impacts of the ever-changing Covid-19 virus and helpfully reminds us of the unchanging gospel hope that Christians uniquely have because they trust in the sovereign God.

Here are a few things that she encourages each of us to do during this time:

  • Keep our eye on the ball. The Gospel is relevant now more than ever.

  • Seek out trustworthy information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation. Translate and communicate this information in ways that are digestible to the people in your church. Dispel miscommunications, promote positive behaviours like hand washing and mask wearing. Identify knowledge gaps in your community and co-opt people in the wider church to help you overcome these. Be neither alarmist nor naïve.

  • Promote positive social relations and be aware of vulnerable and marginal people in your communities. God has given us each other to love and care for. The pandemic has resulted in more people becoming vulnerable. It is sometimes difficult to know who these vulnerable people are, and the diverse groups impacted. For example, multiple factors during the pandemic, such as economic strain and/or more time at home due to flexible work arrangements, have led to an increase in gender-based violence, and dependencies on alcohol. Even for those who seem to be less impacted, burnout and isolation is real and a challenge.

  • Focus on building resilience. Resilience is a framework to deal with uncertainty, stress, and suffering. It requires a sense of meaning and belonging. This is the basis of our community. For a believer, resilience comes from trusting in God’s sovereignty and his good plan for his people.

Read the full article, and keep updated on the series here, and join our livestream every Sunday at 10am here. If you have any questions, prayer points or need somebody to talk to, get in contact with our team here.

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